Add Apps to Workbase Toolbar for rapid document automation

October 19, 2020

By adding Apps to your Workbase Toolbar, you can automate documents in two steps: (1) select a row of data; then (2) select an App to automate a document with that data: 

This is relatively easy to build.

How it works

Step 1: Add Workbase as a Data Source in your App

In order for your App to "use data" from your Workbase, you must add that Workbase as a Data Source: 

Step 2: Click 'Add App to Workbase Toolbar'

Step 3: Use the new variables in your App

Whenever you add a Data Source to your App, you must provide a mechanism for the end-user to "look up" a specific row within your Data Source table. Add the App to your Workbase Toolbar is such a mechanism (the end-user, i.e. you, will be able to "look up" a row by clicking on it directly from within the Workbase).

As a result of adding the App to your Workbase Toolbar, you have access to variables for each column in your Workbase table. Use these variables to create a document template.

Step 4: Activate your App

As long as your App is activated, it will appear on your Workbase Toolbar.

You can now select a row of data, then select the App you want to use that data in. You can even select multiple rows at once.

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